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Mercy Healed Me

(written October 16, 2015 while at the 2015 Milwaukee National OCDS Congress during Adoration)

Lord, thank you for your Mercy.
You have felt my anguish and pain.
The rejection and deception pierced my heart
Down to the first thread of muscle.
Pain seared through my calmness.
Oh, how my heart ached for loss of my marriage.
Death! The death of what was supposed to be.
“Til death us do part” came way too early.
We are still both alive! But, our marriage is dead.
Vows trampled upon - thrown aside into the gutters
Of indecency, adultery, deception, lies, addictions.
Sensual thoughts conjured up through the eyes and imagination
Yet, still giving a pretense of love.

You are always present, my Lord.
You are within me.
Protecting my heart, mind and soul
And eventually silencing that death knoll that rang incessantly in my heart.
You gave me your Grace
And loved me with your Sacred Heart
That too had been pierced
With rejection and deception.
You, too, experienced “death”- death on a cross.
For love of me, you died
So that I might live with you forever.

To be your follower, I must bear my cross and forgive.
“Forgiveness” is my choice.
You have given me the grace to do it.
I forgave. I cried. I am healing.
You still love us both
Thank you, Lord, for your Mercy.

You healed my anguish and pain.

Written by Lee Davis
Lee Davis is a verified contributor and member of the OCDS of the Province of St. Therese

The Little Way of Environmental Healing

We are faced with enormous environmental problems that harm people, and destroy property and wildlife. Everyone needs to help solve these.

St. Therese of the Child Jesus teaches us the Little Way of Spiritual Childhood. She felt she could not perform the big mortifications of the saints. We also feel we cannot go back to a lifestyle without cars and modern conveniences.

St. Therese, though, was determined to become a saint. She read, "Whoever does not accept the kingdom of God as a little child will not enter into it." Following this, St. Therese in childlike simplicity offered God all of her small deeds of ordinary life, and placed all her trust in God to help her scale the cliffs of perfection and avoid temptations. This is the Little Way. "Not everyone can fast, or wear hair shirts, or spend hours in prayer," she used to say, "but everyone can love!" One thing alone is needful: all must be done for love of God.

What is needed to solve the big environmental problems is a life of many small deeds done out of love for God. We need to offer many small prayers to help us understand the problems and find solutions, and then more prayers to carry out our actions in daily life.

We need faith that our small deeds will, with God's grace, amount to more than a meaningless drop in the bucket, letting Jesus multiply our fish and loaves; Mother Teresa said our love makes our small deeds infinite. We need hope that we will one day be rejoicing with God in heaven, so we need not be too concerned with worldly riches, comforts, and status. We need the charity of joyfully sharing God's bounty and beauty with others around the world and in the future by helping to save the Earth.

Written by Lynn Vincentnathan, OCDS
Lynn is a Secular Discalced Carmelite with the McAllen OCDS Community in the Rio Grande Valley

Winter Evening

Star-filled sky,
a tabernacle;
moon glowing
like Sanctuary lamp,

smell of melting wax
and incense
replaced by pine mixed
with cold winter air.

Dirt road covered
by snow,
crunching under foot,
breaking the stillness,

until I stopped.

ears cocked,
there was no sound
except darkness,

and silent peace;
the entire world’s
frozen in time.

At that moment,
You pierced my heart,
shattering the tabernacle
of the woods,

making stars
more luminous;
moon sharper,
as I stood in awe,
alone with You.

On that journey home,
across frozen pond,
a short-cut
leading to the woods,

You stayed with me,
rending my heart
until it knew
there was no other
reason for being,

except to be with You
on that starry winter eve.
Written by Tim Bete, OCDS
Tim is a Secular Discalced Carmelite from Dayton, OH

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