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"BELIEVE." "I do believe." What does it mean, to "believe?" "Blessed is she who believed that the Lord's words to her would be fulfilled." (Luke 1:39). St. John Paul II calls this verse a "key" to understanding Mary in his encyclical, "Mother of the Redeemer." "HEAR, O Israel... you shall love the Lord your God with all your HEART...". The call to hear, listen to what is
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A Light for Revelation (The Light Went On)

When we hear the phrase, "the light went on," it's often associated with a moment of recognition. The simple example of entering a dark room and flipping a light switch is an illustration of going from one moment, not being able to see, and the next, with visibility now possible in our surroundings.In hearing today's gospel for the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus, the "light went on" for Simeon
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Journaling in the Chapel

While in the Chapel after Mass this morning, a feeling of warmth came over me. Like being warmed by a heat, a magnificent flame, I began to think what a gift it was to be here in the presence of my Creator and His faithful Missionary Carmelites of St Teresa. Talking to God, I asked, why do you love me? Why have you given me such a wonderful environment to grow in Carmelite spirituality?
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