Discalced Carmelite Friars

Province of St. Therese

He Comes Anew

(Written at the closing of the Doors of Mercy-the day Pope Francis closed the Year of Mercy)

My subconscious is restless Everywhere I look, Babel I see
Self-medicated numbness

A people enslaved by their passions
The red horseman comes, no peace Heavy blade of 'tolerance' he wields

The beast has infected us
A virus of group-think is his mark

Creative beauty dying
A bitter hopelessness takes its place

Death without resurrection For this world so in need
May Your threshold of Mercy Enkindle in me Your Flame of Love

From ashes of sin, arise
The Spirit stirring, fanning the Flame

To set the world ablaz-ing
With a message of Your Love so deep

Awake you sons of Adam,
Arise you daughters of Eve,
Your Savior He comes, He comes anew!

Written by Michelle Estep, OCDS
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