Discalced Carmelite Friars

Province of St. Therese


It was mid-morning as I
Scurried about the house.
Make the bed.  Sweep the floor.
Oh look at those books open, on 
The desk – need to read those.
What is the office calling for?

I feel His gaze rest on my wrist. 
      His curved fingers reaching
            proposing to lead me in a Feather step.
      And I glide, free-spinning deftly -
avoiding both gaze and intended-terruption.

But why?  It’s now late, 
and the evening's light dim.  
My jumbled thoughts swirl with
many do’s and don’ts.

Where now is His touch?
That gentle hand?
That trysting gaze?
Here am I – and where is He?

Come again,
light the evening flame and
- set these clouds ablaze - 
Soften the stiffness of a day
between dawn and sunset.

Come again,
          adorn my gaze where
                    both – mind and heart –
                               yield to your presence.
For now – it is night.

Written by Hannah De Lisser
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