Discalced Carmelite Friars

Province of St. Therese

Journaling in the Chapel

While in the Chapel after Mass this morning, a feeling of warmth came over me. Like being warmed by a heat, a magnificent flame, I began to think what a gift it was to be here in the presence of my Creator and His faithful Missionary Carmelites of St Teresa. Talking to God, I asked, why do you love me? Why have you given me such a wonderful environment to grow in Carmelite spirituality?

How can you love me when I abandon you so often for worldly things. Let me focus on your Divine love for me. Please hold my hand when I falter. Lead me on the new path. Guide me towards the things that bring meaning to my soul. When I am down and my heart is heavy, lift me up in your arms. When I fall and stumble, forgive my ways. As I weary from sorrow, let me take rest in your arms, remembering your cross, 'love's crimson emblem' as St. Therese of Lisieux has said.

May I practice 'determinacion' as prompted by St. Teresa of Avila in my quest to enrich my soul, to

make it beautiful for you, God. May I remember St John of the Cross saying, 'put love where there is no love'....and grow in compassion for others.

When I am low in spirit may your love hover over me like glowing embers on the hearth beckoning me to the inner recesses of your heart. Then when I soar with the eagles in joy and laughter may your magnificent flame flare vividly around me sharing my vibrant nature.

May I strive to be a representative of your love towards others. May I truly be humble and consider it an honor to be your follower. Give me strength to persevere in my intentions. Thank you God for loving me!

Written by Kay Dumesnil, OCDS, of the San Juan de la Cruz Community in Houston, TX
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