Discalced Carmelite Friars

Semi Province of St. Therese

Barren Reaches

The Caribbean swayed back and forth nudging into wakefulness, 
Memories of a girl enveloped in the mist of youth.  Her life – 
One long embrace – an embrace, carrying her to tomorrow and
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, gently on a wisp to widespread beaches 

Where Sunshine and Promises greet with a Kiss. There she falls asleep  
As rain waters the earth and palm trees grow straight up, to a reachless 
Sky, sheltering her brow with their lofty branches. While she sleeps, 
Dreams become her life and on waking, finds her self – not a child.

All the Palms are gone and nothing but drifting sand stretches out and 
Away as Middays heat presses closer and closer. From behind tightly 
Clenched lids, her Spirit strains for relief and finds it in a Vision – 
Two beautiful eyes draw from her child heart – what she knows, 

Has known, wants to know more of – deeply – even if now be not a 
Season for such knowing. Yet mirrored in those eyes, as deep as the 
Crystal sea at sunset, burns the Reflection of ageless Light. She can 
Neither hold nor touch its source. Yet, thus stricken and prickled 

By what seems an endless solitude, the words of a Song she once 
Heard within the barren reaches of her dream-life return, and just 
Like silver playing its own melody, she prays –––––
“Where have you gone?  Leaving me bereft and utterly lonesome.”


And so it happened; 
––––– in waves of a cerulean tide –––––
Evening came and Morning followed.

Written by Hannah De Lisser
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