Discalced Carmelite Friars

Semi Province of St. Therese

Listening from Exile

In You, darkness is not dark;
nor is your apparent absence a void.
You speak in silence, no matter
how the senses may fail or the will
languish.  One must keep vigil in
prayer; remain loving and attentive.

Listening from Exile

Evening light pours through the window,
dappling my prayer in soft shades of pink
and yellow before fading away. My heart
registers a rhythmic pulse, rising imperceptibly
like background music beneath the familiar
tick ticking away of another day.

Just outside my window, partially blocking a
view of the sky is an oak tree, indifferent to its
weather-beaten appearance - offering shelter to
all sorts of little creatures from twisty rough-hewn
limbs draped in tattered moss.

This is the hour Cardinals teach their
youngsters the art of concealment,
leaving the frightened chick clutching a
branch, for a moment or two of terror.
Brief lessons such as this, quickly teach the
little bird to listen for the discreet whistling
sounds from their parents, hiding nearby.

Coming then going quickly, a breeze
ripples through the tree like a sigh of relief.
And instinct closes my eyes in anticipation of
the Spirit – to pause if only for a moment
before journeying past.

Written by Hannah De Lisser
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