Discalced Carmelite Friars

Semi Province of St. Therese

–– Evenings Beatitude

“They say for many people, evening is the best part of the day…”
from the Merchant-Ivory movie ‘Remains of the Day’

The sun sweeps low across the evening sky —  a
bird flits about the shrubbery singing its spooney
little tune in the failing light — applause trickles
upon leaves Burnished by powdery flecks and dust,
fallen from the wings of Dying moths.

fading arc shimmers like music — one hundred
violins escaping the confines of a candlelit ballroom.
That Romanian Rhapsody capturing unimagined
brilliance     *   A strand of White hair   *   Loves
      first kiss   *   Fleeting hints of the Eternal
Sanctus   *  
                    Bands of gold 'n silver light proffer
appeals amid recitals and preludes to A Night
Symphony.   Enticing me with promise of my true
Homeland my desired dwelling place — beyond
The Portal —  Hope must endure     after-all.


Of Note:   

I offer  ‘Romanian Rhapsody No 1 Op 11 ’ by George Enescu,
as a most fascinating orchestral piece.  One particularly  fine
performance can be viewed at this web address:

Written by Hannah De Lisser
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