Discalced Carmelite Friars

Province of St. Therese

Easter Lilies


Ah. Such joy! Strewn across the sanctuary!

White lilies, blaring their trumpets in
a brilliant white chorus; continuing
for days and then into weeks.

Now their nodding drooping heads are

covered with quantities of bright yellow
pollen. And having spent their beauty
And mingled their fragrance with the
sacred incense, they were sent forth.

Dismissed, to line the walkway up to

the church – an honour guard of
curious sentries – with strong stems and
robust green leaves raised high.

One by one they depart, in the arms

Of the faithful, perhaps to be planted
In a garden amidst later blooming
companions who, upon seeing such
Stalwart witnesses will rise up and finish
the Paschal Tide…in like form.


Written by Hannah De Lisser



Now night has past
Your Creator's Love caresses; A new heart beats
To a song from antiquity.
The still small voice
Gives birth to a lily so fair; Mount Carmel calls
Her bride forever planted there.

Written by Michelle Estep, OCDS
Austin, TX

Dónde está tu Madre

[Blessed Anne of St. Bartholomew's speaks to herself at the death of St. Teresa, her spiritual mother and soul's companion.]

The spokes of the wheels are not groaning in the dirt

That carried the Bride upon the Castilian patchwork

The hand that slew dragons and traversed castles in ink

Has clasped on its’ Bridegroom

Dónde está tu Madre

I cannot see her in my tears

Her voice echoes in the room

Daughter of the Church

Keep repeating, do not lose it

Yes I am her daughter 

Dónde está tu Madre

Specks of dust in the sunlight 

You are honored to be near her

Almost as the dust on her sandals

Dónde está tu Madre

She is no longer mine

Detach, the journey has ended

The hungry come to distribute

Her sanctity 

Dónde está tu Madre

Written by Charles Jakubczak, OCDS
Doctors of Divine Love Community
Atlanta, GA
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