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Baptism of the Lord

1st Reading: Isaiah 42:1-4, 6-7
Resp. Psalm Psalm 29:1-2, 3-4, 9-10
2nd Reading: Acts 10:34-38
Gospel: Matthew 3:13-17 

In the second reading St Peter makes it clear that anyone who fears God and acts uprightly is acceptable to Him. Your past or where you come from or anything else do not matter. We only need to strive to be like Jesus who was pleasing to His Father.

It's best that we try to be like Jesus little by little. It is the devil who tempts us to try to do big things. We should only do big things when God asks us to but otherwise follow the example of St Therese who did the ordinary things of life extraordinarily well as if they were being done directly for Jesus himself. Doing big things tend to be self-serving and temptations to pride and it's hard to keep up the pace.

Jesus's baptism in the Jordan gave water the property to wash away Original Sin when used properly. As the Fathers of the Church state, Jesus made the waters sweet. He was baptized because He wants us to be baptized and to follow His example. At baptism we are/were made righteous. Despite sinning at least 7 times a day as the Old Testament states, we can continue to be righteous by going to Confession regularly. If we do the most we must expect the most. If we only do the minimum, we must expect the minimum. Our final end be it Heaven or hell will be no surprise— to ourselves.

Written by Fr. Jim Curiel, OCD
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