Discalced Carmelite Friars

Province of St. Therese

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St. John of the Cross

Feast Day – December 14

Saint John of the Cross

In the beginning of all things
The Word lived in the Lord at rest.
And His felicity in Him
Was from infinity possessed.

That very Word was God Himself
By which all being was begun
For He lived in the beginning
And beginning had He none.

—St. John of the Cross
Romance I
Upon the Gospel 'In the beginning was the Word'
relating to the Most Holy Trinity


The Discalced Carmelite Friars are a community of men – priests and religious brothers – serving the Church through a life of contemplative prayer. In our apostolic work, we also strive to foster growth in the spiritual life, helping women and men to grow in friendship with God and with neighbor.

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